Condominium Associations

For condominium associations lighting of common and public areas like basements, stairways, walking patch, parking areas and garages are an essential cost for the association. By replacing old installations with high quality, high-efficient light sources the association will reduce the electricity bills but also dramatically reduce the maintenance cost.

With today LED-based lighting technology there are environmental but also financial incitement to replace old light sources today even if there are life-time left on old installations. To eliminate all up-front costs, have ZeroWatt developed a financial service where the condominium association receives lower costs for lighting from the first day. The financing model is named ZeroLaaS which also include installation free of charge.

High Visual Comfort and Installation Flexibility

Our light installations are flicker-free which contribute to a high level of comfort and reduce the risk of physical and mental disorders. Luminaries do also come with a large selection of different lenses to choose from to adapt to any possible lighting needs.

Energy Efficiency

The light energy efficiency on our lighting installations is a guarantee for low energy costs and at the same time contribute to a significantly smaller environmental footprint in terms of lower CO2 emission.

Complete Solutions. Also, for the Conversion of Old Lamps

We offer complete LED solutions for outdoor lighting of industrial areas: LED lighting fixtures and floodlights that can be installed on pole or wall. We can develop ad-hoc solutions for the conversion of old industrial lighting lamps already installed in LED.

Consulting and Know-How

ZeroWatt has the know-how and skills to support its customers in the choice of the most suitable products and the design, in compliance with the standards and specific technical regulations on industrial lighting.


Contact our lighting experts and we will help you design solution suitable to your space. See also our diverse customer testimonials.