Street and Parking Lighting

ZeroWatt as the exclusive agent markets and sells luminaires from the best Italian LED lighting company GMR ENLIGHTS. GMR ENLIGHTS offers a wide range of LED fixtures with a unique and unmistakable design, ideal both for functional applications such as motorways and suburban roads, and for more prestigious contexts, such as avenues and urban or residential streets.

The high technological level of the optical solutions adopted in our streetlight fixtures allows reaching the maximum performance for street lighting in terms of energy-saving and visual comfort. The high quality of the mechanics used makes any maintenance operation quick and easy.

Optical Technology

GMR ENLIGHTS LED streetlight fixtures are available in three different optical technologies:

Refractive optical system composed of single-chip LEDs, PMMA lenses under warranty for 30 years against UV and yellowing due to ageing, aluminum recuperator with purity level at 99.7% and extra-clear tempered glass.

Refractive optical system composed of single-chip LEDs, PMMA IP66 and IK09 lenses with high impact resistance and under warranty for 30 years against UV and yellowing due to ageing (without glass).

The reflective optical system composed of single-chip LEDs, extra pure aluminum reflector with silver PDV treatment and extra-clear tempered glass.

The choice of the best optical technology depends on the project, application or product selected.

Optical Flexibility

Thanks to the range of optic types available, the GMR ENLIGHTS street light fixtures can be adapted to any installation requirement. The luminous output is distributed only where necessary to maximize performance.

Easy and Safe Maintenance

The GMR ENLIGHTS street-lights fixtures guarantee easy maintenance and replacement of internal components.

Quality of Finishes and Mechanical Strength

Our lighting fixtures have high corrosion resistance in accordance with ISO 9227 (8000h in salt spray) and have passed the strict Vibration Test in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6.

Visual Comfort

The optical systems of our lighting fixtures are designed and developed to ensure high visual comfort and minimize the point effect typical of LED sources.

Long Life of LED Sources and Product

GMR ENLIGHTS fixtures have obtained the European ENEC certification at a working ambient temperature Ta -40° and up to + 55°C: this shows the care we have used in the study of heat dissipation, which is fundamental to ensure the long life of the sources and the product.

All GMR ENLIGHTS products make use of LED sources able to guarantee the maximum service life of the fixture, with a typical luminous output decay of L90B10 100,000h (LM80 – TM21 protocol).


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