Lighting and luminaries are targets for a technological leap jump. New light emission sources are developed and will meet the market like OLED, LEC. In parallel are digitalization and smart city solutions introduced and melting together with traditional lighting. The lighting infrastructure will be the carrier for a large variety of digital sensors, cameras, info panels and communication links in the future, and future is already here.

In this landscape of technological options, openings for cost savings and new income streams and business models, do ZeroWatt offering consulting services to assist clients.


Like in many other areas in the society can lighting today be procured as a function rather than as products that need to be installed, maintained and operated. This new way to procure the targeted function instead of the different components that together give the targeted function mount challenges when it comes to financial calculations, matching different financing alternatives against each other and forming of procurement documents. ZeroWatt is here able to deliver expertise that can assist with calculation models, comparison and development of procurement guidelines.

LCC/TOC and LCA calculations

The lighting industry is from some angles a conservative business. Surprisingly, many procurements are still today using price as the sole yardstick instead of the total cost or environmental impacts. LCC (Life Cycle Cost) and TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) are yardstick and model to estimate the total cost for an installation including installation, maintenance etc. during its lifespan, not only the initial price.

Today, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is also showing increased interest. In addition to LCC / TOC, does LCA also considers the environmental impact. The ZeroWatt team has a deep understanding and long experience from LCC / TOC and LCA calculations and can with their knowledge assist in the development of frameworks, calculation models etc. to achieve a more accurate measurement of investments and different financing options and environmental impact.


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