Benefit from lower monthly costs for lighting from day 1

A financing alternative that gives lower costs for lighting from day 1;

  • Hassle-free, installation included
  • No start costs
  • Lower costs from day 1
  • Installation handed over to client after LaaS period
  • Significant reduced CO2 emission

The driver for ZeroLaaS is to benefit from lower energy and maintenance costs from today and distribute the initial procurement costs over a shorter part of the lifetime time, still getting lower total costs for the installation from day one.

We assist you with selection of suitable products and makes a cost savings calculation for your project. Once the ZeroLaaS contract is signed, ZeroWatt takes care of the rest, including installation of the products.

After the ZeroLaaS contract period, the products and light sources are yours with an expected remaining lifetime of approximately 15 – 20 years. 

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