Solar installations

Solar installations

Generating your own green energy is an effective way to reduce energy costs and with today’s energy costs, the ROI (Return Of Investment) has been radically shortened while the efficiency and reliability of the systems have been improved.

Sell or store surplus energy

Generated surplus can either be sold back to electricity suppliers or stored for hours when consumption is higher than own electricity production.

Today, the most common way to store excess energy is in batteries, from which energy is drawn during the dark period of the day. Storing energy in batteries can be used to balance-out consumption during the day. With today’s technology and costs, it is hard to justify the investment to balance-out store of energy seasonally.

Batteries are a relatively large part of the total cost of the entire solar installation but, on the other hand, a right configured installation can have the effect that you in Northern and Central Europe can rely on own produced electricity most of the days during the summer.

Installations in southern Europe have more favorable conditions from that aspect and can count on higher energy production, but on the other hand have other challenges such as overheating to take into account.

A solar installation designed without battery storage is simpler and cost less. On the other hand, it might not give the same savings and can not be used in backup-mode to support with electricity during for example a blackout.

Please contact us and we can tell you more about the pros and cons of the different types of solar cell systems.

Commercial and consumer installations

There is often a difference between the included components in a commercial and a consumer installation, where commercial installations in many cases are larger than the private installations, which requires other types of inverters, etc. We perform installations for companies as well as private customers.

In addition, different countries in Europe have different incentive programs, many times differently designed for companies and individuals, which also affect the overall economy and the cost of the installation.

ZeroWatts main focus is on commercial installation for companies and the public sector but we also perform mid- to large installations for private customers.


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