Indoor Lighting

Proper Lighting Increases Well-being and Work Efficiency

On average, office workers spend half of their day at the office. This means that the working environment is very significant for occupational well-being and productivity.

Well-designed and implemented office lighting increases productivity and suits the different lighting needs of various situations. Insufficient illuminance or the invisible flicker of light sources can cause headaches and back and neck issues as well as increasing eyes strain. With high-quality LED lights in your office, these effects can be reduced. Signs of a good office lighting solutions include a sufficient amount of light, consistency and stability of light in work areas, glare-free illuminance and flicker-free light sources.

Office lighting covers lobbies, hallways, break rooms and kitchen areas, offices and meeting rooms, and lighting should be planned for each space individually. High-quality lighting imitating sunlight is particularly important in offices with no windows.

Valtavalo’s product selection includes several suitable options (for example the Uniqa, Uniqa with direct/indirect illumination, Uniqa installed with a lighting track or the Beat luminaire) for office spaces. We recommend equipping the luminaires with our G-series LED light sources that provide practically flicker-free illuminance and help improve your employee’s well-being. In addition, motion detectors can be installed for individual workstations to maximise energy savings.

Energy Efficient And Functional Lighting for Logistics Facilities

Illumination has a significant effect on the occupational safety and energy efficiency of logistics facilities.

Large logistics centres are often demanding sites in terms of lighting solutions. High ceilings and narrow aisles are particularly challenging for lighting design. However, well-designed lighting can significantly save energy as well as reduce mistakes and improve occupational safety in the facility.

Our lighting solutions with replaceable light sources are an excellent fit for most types of logistics facilities, from open and low pallet warehouses to high-bay warehouses. At its simplest, updating lighting can be done by replacing old light sources in existing T8 fluorescent luminaires that include a magnetic ballast with LED light sources. This low-effort method (known as retrofitting) can be used to implement a low-maintenance flicker-free illumination with G5 LED tubes and LED starters.

For buildings under renovation or construction, our selection includes several excellent choices for luminaires. Most suitable for logistics facilities are the Teva slim, Prima plus or Prima trio luminaires equipped with G5 High Power LED tubes or G5 Narrow Beam (45°) LED tubes.

In cold storage, the benefits of LED lighting are particularly substantial. LEDs light up immediately even in cold temperatures, which means the lights can be switched off when not needed or controlled with motion detectors. Detectors can also be installed in the aisles between racks or in an open warehouse.

Well-designed Lighting Increases Sales

Lighting design is one of the most important factors in the overall design of a retail store. Well-designed retail lighting increases sales and reduces costs arising from illumination. Quality illumination also improves the well-being of the sales personnel and makes the store a more pleasant place to work.

When choosing a lighting solution for a retail store, it is important to consider the level of illuminance and proper colour rendering. High-quality LED lighting makes the colour of clothing items pop and displays their style efficiently. In the fruit and vegetable section of grocery stores, lighting products with high colour rendering accuracy that bring out the colour of the fresh products, are often used.

The indoor lighting standard recommends a light level of 300 lux for retail stores, excluding the checkout areas. However, in most cases, it is useful to implement a level of 500 lux, and sometimes even higher levels of light are used. In retail stores, the lighting of aisles is key. If a store plan with shelves indicated exists, a lighting calculation can be carried out to ensure that illumination will be sufficient and stable.

Lighting renovations usually aim for an energy-efficient, long-lasting and easily maintained lighting solution, and a solution with replaceable light sources meets all these requirements. It is easy and cost-efficient to maintain since usually, all the maintenance that is needed is replacing the light sources. The long service life of LED light sources also lowers the required maintenance frequency. For a high-quality retail store lighting solution, we recommend the Teva slim, Beat and Uniqa, luminaires with G- or E-series LED light sources, manufactured in Finland.

High-quality Lighting Creates A Good Learning Environment

High-quality illuminance and sufficient colour rendering help students stay alert and improve concentration and focus.

School children and students spend most of their day indoors and the quality of their learning environment is important. This highlights the need for a proper lighting solution. High-quality illuminance and sufficient colour rendering help students stay alert and improve concentration and focus.

Schools have a variety of different spaces, and lighting recommendations exist for each separate type of space. In many schools, spaces are multifunctional. For example, the indoor lighting standard recommends a light level of 100 lux for school corridors. However, if the corridors are used as teaching facilities when necessary, a light level of 300 lux is recommended. In classrooms, the recommendation of 300 lux is increased to 500 lux if space is used, for example, for evening classes for adults as well. People of different ages have different requirements for illuminance, and the lighting that is best for growing children is very different from the lighting most suitable for adults or the elderly. In addition, glare-prevention is important in classrooms and lecture halls (UGR≤19)
Our selection includes several suitable options for school lighting, for example, the Uniqa series, Beat or Cindy luminaires equipped with high-quality LED light sources. The Game luminaires with ball-proof protective grids are suitable for use in sports facilities.

Hospitals Require Light Around The Clock

In a hospital setting, high-quality, long service life and a good efficiency ratio are a must for the lighting solution, because the number of hours of use is very high.

Hospitals need light all day, every day. Well-designed lighting takes the needs of the patients and healthcare professionals into account. It makes the hospital environment more pleasant and improves the job satisfaction and efficiency of care personnel.

Hospitals have a variety of spaces for a selection of different uses, and all of them require illuminance that best serves the function of each individual space. Recommendations for the light level vary greatly between the types of spaces. The recommendation forwards is 100 lux, while a level of 1000 lux is required for the general lighting of operating theatres.
Quality is always a priority in a hospital environment. The luminaires must be safe, which means the used technologies must be reliable and the light stable. The luminaires must also be easy to clean. Since the number of hours of use is large, the lighting solution must also have a long service life and a good efficiency ratio. It also must be considered that many examination rooms require excellent colour rendering (Ra ≥ 90). The E3 and G4 LED tubes are also available with a high colour rendering index.

The share of lighting in the overall energy consumption of hospitals is large and implementing a modern LED lighting solution can reduce energy consumption significantly.

Proper Lighting In Sports Facilities Is Glare-free

When doing sports or playing fast-paced games, it is important to see both the sports equipment and the game area.

In sports facilities, stable light and minimal glare output are important. Proper lighting improves visibility, safety and the level of comfortableness both for the spectators and the athletes. In addition, the amount of light must be sufficient to ensure that the field is illuminated throughout, no matter the type of sport. Good lighting has been proven to have energising physical effects.

The share of lighting in the overall energy consumption of sports facilities is large, so energy-efficient LED luminaires to bring considerable savings to energy consumption. Savings are incurred from reduced maintenance costs as well. Valtavalo’s lighting solutions with replaceable light sources have a long service life and require nearly no maintenance – in most cases, updating the lighting solution is as easy as quickly replacing the light sources.

The Game luminaire with a ball-proof protective grid equipped with high-quality G-series LED light sources is a perfect choice for sports facility lighting. Lighting can also be implemented with the Prima plus or Prima trio luminaires.


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